photo by Beowulf Sheehan

The Sequoias are a rock band made up of journalists, editors, and novelists. The original band got its name because, like Sequoias, we are tall, old, and dead inside. But then some new wood joined and the old sap started flowing again! These trees are going to be around for a long time!

The band was first formed by lead guitarist John Homans and rhythm guitarist John Seabrook during summer nights on the North Fork of Long Island, on the porch of the High House in Peconic. Our friend Randy Harris was the original drummer, Walker Stevenson was the first bassist; he also designed the band's logo. Now Walker has his own band, the Tiki Brothers, and Randy is marching to his own drummer upstate, which leaves us with Homans and Seabrook, who are very fortunate to have found some great musicians to join them on their late in life band odyssey.

We have New Yorker writer and novelist John Colapinto on keys and vocals, Elle editor Ben Dickinson on drums and vocals, New Yorker editor David Remnick on guitar and vocals, Forest School co-founder Charlie Foster on bass and vocals, and our lead singer, the novelist Rebecca Donner, front and center. We are sometimes joined by writer/actor/singer Miss LaChrisha Brown on vocals. We mostly play the songs we loved when we were fifteen, and believe it or not it makes us feel like we're fifteen, even though five of the seven of us are forty years past that. Come rock out with us next time we play (we'll keep you posted).